A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A rail shooter. Where you should choose the better weapon for each target to have the best multiplicator.

To select your weapon use 1/2/3/4 or a/z/e/r or q/w/e/r
Use the mouse to target and click to shoot.

Find the right weapon was part of the game. Tips: the weapons are listed above the icon of card (sorted by multiplicator).

The game is unfinished :

* no sound
* no end (no target will be spawned after 60s)
* no intro
* no level or progression
* missing graphics (place holder)
* missing polish (animation, ...)


ld32_the_dispatcher-201504261001.tar.gz 11 MB
ld32_the_dispatcher-201504261001-linux-x64.tar.gz 67 MB
ld32_the_dispatcher-201504261001-windows-i586.zip 59 MB